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ND Gurus Honoured

“Education is a universal right and not a class privilege” – Dr. Radhakrishnan

Teachers are the ones who transform uninitiated, innocent individuals in to great performers and achievers. It is they who expand heir universe of affection and love far beyond their duties and responsibilities of an institution. They are not merely instructors but are also role models, trusted friends and even confidantes of their students, hence, on 5th of September 2016 red carpet was rolled out in the Notre Dame campus to honour the “Gurus”.

The program started with a prayer service followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp, which was very symbolic.

A cultural program followed and teachers were entertained with live dance, skits and music performances. The gesture of the students was highly appreciated by the teachers.

It was a matter of great honour for the teachers to be appreciated by our respected general manager of N.T.P.C., Mr.N.K. Sinha who in person met the staff and thanked them for their service towards the society and country.

Principal, Sister Mary Alice had organised the entire program very well for the teachers. She too thanked the teachers for their dedication and commitment. A sumptuous lunch……cards……bouquets…….gifts…..followed…..