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Student Council Induction Ceremony

On 26th of July, 2017, the Student Council for the academic year 2017-18 was inducted. The function started with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal and the newly elected officers.

Sr. Mary Alice administered oath to the members of the student council. Sr.Mary Shaija, the School Manager honoured the students with the prestigious badges. All were accompanied by the martial beats of the drum and songs by the choir.

The Head girl and the Head boy thanked the students for reposing trust in them and asked for their support and co-operation throughout the academic year. The programme concluded with the school song……….. refreshments for all followed!

Student Council members

Head Boy : Aaron Justine – XI A
Head Girl : Eshita – XI A
Sports Captain : Abhishek Sharma – XI A
Vice Sports Captain : Anosh Polachan – XI A
Secretary : Aastha Sharma – XI A
Joint Secretary : Sushree Barik – XI B
Cultural Secretary : Sakshi Singh – XI A

Executive Members : Tushar Bansal – XI B and Elson James – XI B

Gandhi House Captain : Vishal – XI A
Vice Captain : Yash Aggarwal – X A

Sarojini House Captain : Anirban Dutta – XI A
Vice Captain : Sandra Simon – X A

Tagore House Captain : Ankit Bhatt – XI A
Vice Captain : Bhavya Tyagi – X A

Vivekanand House Captain : Neha Joseph – XI B
Vice Captain : Rohit Prasad – X C