Monthly Archives: April 2018

Fire-Safety Week


On 18th of April, Notre Dame students were educated on – “FIRE SAFE HOME”. The C.I.S.F. team from N.T.P.C., demonstrated the ways and mean of fire safety. They illustrated the ways in which the different kinds of fire – A,B,C,and D could be tackled.

Students found specially the information on LPG cylinder very useful. The team also displayed fire escape plan, garage safety, electrical safety, water safety etc. Sr. Mary Alice (Principal) thanked the team for giving life saving information. Hence we can conclude – FIRE SAFETY : ACCIDENTS GONE!

The “REFRESH” Button – A Seminar for Teachers

Tradition means passing on the flame, not worshipping the ashes.
– Gustav Mahler

On 27th of February 2018, Sr.Mary Alice (Principal) conducted a Seminar for the teachers to refresh and rejuvenate them for the new academic session (2018-19).

She thanked the Lord for the past year and asked for his blessings in years to unfold.

A very well prepared power point presentation by her showcased the History of Notre Dame Schools all over the world. She highlighted the aims and objectives of Notre Dame Education – that is to train young people to have faith in God, sense of community, conscientisation towards justice and equality and academic values for better living.

She as a facilitator urged the staff to abide by and adhere to the following points as all embark towards the new session.

* Leading people to a God centered selfless life
* Helping students to develop God’s special gifts to thm as human beings.
* Assisting people to acquire the human competencies needed to live a meaningful and fruitful life in this world.
* Devoting themselves to ALL their students with genuine love and respect.
* Nurturing a spirit of caring for the Earth.

The above was a gentle reminder of responsibilities of every Notre Dame Teacher, which the staff very earnestly agreed to focus and work upon!