Pink Day ( Resource person – Dr.Manisha Pandey)

On 21st of October 2016, the girl students of standard XI and XII were privileged to attend the talk given by Dr.Manisha Pandey on the understanding of Breast Cancer. It was an awareness talk where she helped the students to be able to detect it early and go on the right path of treatment if ever needed.

With the help of the power point presentation she educated them with the causes, remedies and course of treatment. She taught the students the means of Mammography and concluded by saying “Gift yourself a mammogram.” Surely doctor – prevention is better than cure!

Seminar on Acupressure by Dr.Sangeeta Burman

On the 24th of September 2016, Dr.Sangeeta Burman came as a blessing to the teacher’s of Notre Dame, New Delhi, who where busy with corrections and thus, experiencing pain in different parts of their body.

Dr.Sangeeta Burman explained to the teachers the self treatment techniques through acupressure which is very useful and inexpensive method of cure. To the amusement of one and all she mentioned that even an elephant can be controlled by applying a little pressure behind its’s ears! She elaborated on magnet therapy and colour therapy on selected acupressure points.

This awareness program came as a boon to the teachers. Thank you Dr.Sangeeta Burman.

ND Gurus Honoured

“Education is a universal right and not a class privilege” – Dr. Radhakrishnan

Teachers are the ones who transform uninitiated, innocent individuals in to great performers and achievers. It is they who expand heir universe of affection and love far beyond their duties and responsibilities of an institution. They are not merely instructors but are also role models, trusted friends and even confidantes of their students, hence, on 5th of September 2016 red carpet was rolled out in the Notre Dame campus to honour the “Gurus”.

The program started with a prayer service followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp, which was very symbolic.

A cultural program followed and teachers were entertained with live dance, skits and music performances. The gesture of the students was highly appreciated by the teachers.

It was a matter of great honour for the teachers to be appreciated by our respected general manager of N.T.P.C., Mr.N.K. Sinha who in person met the staff and thanked them for their service towards the society and country.

Principal, Sister Mary Alice had organised the entire program very well for the teachers. She too thanked the teachers for their dedication and commitment. A sumptuous lunch……cards……bouquets…….gifts…..followed…..

Fare-thee-well dear Mrs.Usha Singh

With tears in eyes and heavy heart, the students of Notre Dame bid farewell to their beloved teacher Mrs.Usha Singh who had served the institution for 26 long years.

A special assembly was arranged on the 6th of August 2016 in her honour. A cultural programme followed each depicting love and gratitude towards ma’am.

Mrs.Usha Singh has been very instrumental in bringing obvious changes for the better in the institution. Students revered her for her friendly nature, deep compassion for children, great passion for Hindi and art and above all for her very optimistic attitude towards life.

Principal Sr.Mary Alice and Headmistress Sr.Mary Manju gave heartfelt thanks to ma’am for her dedicated and sincere service to the institution. Cards, bouquets and gifts were offered by the staff and students. A gala lunch was arranged by the school in her honour which was attended by her entire family and enjoyed by one and all.

It was made obvious to her that once a member of Notre Dame always a member of Notre Dame. This relationship is for life time. Our sincere prayers and wishes for your onward journey ma’am…..

Student Council Induction

On the 26th of July student council induction ceremony took place amidst the entire school body. A welcome speech was given by Mrs. Nirupama Solanki followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp. Principal Sr.Mary Alice administered oath to the newly elected officers. The choir and the band added festivity to the solemn affair.

The newly elected regiment is as follows:

Student Council Members
Head Boy : Kartavya Pant
Head Girl : Tripti Roy
Sports Captain : Tarun Vashisth
Vice Sports Captain : Ansu Antony
Joint Secretary : Anjali Verma
Secretary : Ketan
Cultural Secretary : Abhilasha

House Captains:-
Gandhi House : Sakshi Sharma
Vice Captain : Vanee Saxena

Tagore House : Anshra Malik
Vice Captain : Aaron Justine

Vivekanada House : Yamini
Vice Captain : Diya Kaushik

Sarojini House : Pragya Bahukhandi
Vice Captain : Ankit

Seminar on Value Education

AHAaaaa – “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

On the 1st and 2nd of July, Notre Dame teachers attended a seminar on value education. The resource person being Fr.Joe Arimpur and his team.

Fr.Joe, an expert in his field expounded the need and demand of value education in today’s world.

He made the teachers realize that the traditional method of imparting value education classes through moralizing, modelling, laizzez-faire is no more in vogue, it has to be done through value clarification. The work of an educator is to let the student know – he is loved and will be understood without any prejudice. Personal contact and friendly relationship produce confidence without which no lasting good can be accomplished.

Education is Evangelization, and through education we have to bring forth the ‘Good News’ hidden in each student.

Fr.Joe and his team will also be conducting seminars for the senior students of our school.

Thank you Fr.Joe for making us move towards MSW – maturity, serenity and wisdom!

Fare Thee Well – Dear Sister Mary Reena

On the 11th of May 2016, the students of Notre Dame Badarpur bid farewell to their beloved Headmistress Sister Mary Reena as she has been transferred to Monger.

In her honour a programme was arranged, with a variety of songs, dances and a skit. The musical interlude, right from the tiny tots to the senior most exhibited their love as they were accompanied by the choir. Bouquets, cards and prayers for her well being followed.

Principal Sister Mary Alice thanked Sister Mary Rreena for her dedicated and committed service here at Badarpur. She wished her Gods blessings now and always.

Sister Reena thanked one and all for the wonderful programme and made it known to the students that there is goodness in each one, which ought to be shared in order to make this world a better place to live in

Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Shakespeare of Notre Dame Mr. K.S. Jose

Mr. K.S. Jose, English teacher of Notre Dame celebrated his Silver Jubilee on the 30th of April 2016. A spectacular programme was staged in his honour for his 25 years of dedicated and committed service. He was accompanied by his better half Mrs. Cicely Jose, who has been his pillar of strength and support. He as a teacher has inspired hope, ignited, imagination and instilled love for learning thus bringing out the best in his students. He has fuelled students towards commitment and encouraged them to accept challenges, deal with disappointment and aim higher with every achievement. Principal . Sr.Mary Alice and Headmistress Sr.Mary Reena thanked him for his sincere service towards God and humanity. The staff lovingly arranged for a prayer service, gift and a sumptuous lavish lunch.

School visit by Provincial Superior Sr.Mary Beena

The provincial superior Sr.Mary Beena visited Notre Dame Badarpur on the 30th of April 2016. She urged the students to do well in all fields possible and give back to the society when their turn came. She requested the teaching faculty to have a creative mind, respectful mind, ethical mind and pedagogical mind. A short programme was put up in her honour which she admires and wished one and all good luck for this year.

Seminar by Mr. G. S. Anthuvan (I.S.R.O)

Mr. G.S. Anthuvan from I.S.R.O. conducted a seminar for the students of Std. X and XII on aeronautics, space and rocket science.

Mr.G.S. Anthuvan had worked with Shri. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in rocket science technology. He discussed about the planets and satellites in the space.

He discussed with us the successful satellite ‘MOM’ launched. We all are thankful to him for giving his precious time and sharing his experience in I.S.R.O.