Student Council Induction Ceremony

On 12th of May 2015 Student Council Induction Ceremony was held. It was a very auspiscious and solemn occasion. Sr.Mary Alice administered the oath to the new student council members and made them realize that they have to act as a ‘guide by the side’for the students of Notre Dame. She also thanked the previous student council members and elevated their spirits by awarding each one of them a Certificate of Honour.

STUDENT COUNCIL – (2015 -’16)

Head Boy – Justin A Mathew     (XI A)
Head Girl – Aleeshia Anto (XI A)
Secretary – Ahsaas Singh Choudhary (XI A)
Jt. Secretary – Suchi (XI B)
Cultural Secretary – Achsa Benjamin (XI A)
Sports Captain – Ishan Rexwal (XI C)
Vice Captain – Basil Mathew (XI B)

House Captains
Gandhi House – Tarun (XI A)
Sarojini House – Satyam Pandey (XI A)
Tagore House – Akash Gupta (XI A)
Vivekanand House – Pooja Ahuja (XI B)

Vice Captains
Gandhi House – Kartavya Pant (X C)
Sarojini House – Ansu Antony (X A)
Tagore House – Alok Kr. Singh (X B)
Vivekanand House – Yamini Trehan (X C)