Monthly Archives: April 2019

Prevention is better than cure

On 15th April 2019, the C.I.S.F. team came to Notre Dame School to educate the students on fire safety rules. They delivered speeches on the various methods to prevent fire attacks.

Some of the methods were :-
* The fire fighting should not be started until hydrogen source is shut off.
* The vapour can be absorbed by using water. But water should never be used on liquid ammonia.
* Be sure that valves behind caps and plugs are tightly closed.
* To protect cylinders from physical damage; do not drag, roll, slide or drop it.

These ideas and methods of fire safety have greatly influenced Notre Damians. They will surely follow the safety measures at home and in school.

Thank you C.I.S.F. team for the enlightenment on the subject!

Farewell to Nirmala Maam

The fraternity of Notre Dame School bid farewell to Mrs.Nirmala Pant which was held on 22/02/2019 in the school premises.

An array of the programme was started with arti, prayer service by the school council and programmes like skit, action song, song, dance, folk-dance etc. All the programmes were performed beautifully under the able guidance of headmistress of the school Sr.Mary Tanya. The students of K.G. and primary participated and showed their talent through the programmes.
Mrs.Nirmala Pant worked in Notre Dame school Delhi for past nine years. She was a committed, punctual and a hardworking teacher. She gave her enormous contribution for the well being of the students. She is loved and appreciated by the students and the staff members of the school.

After the cultural programme mam thanked everyone for the love and affection she received from the students and the staff. She also shared her feelings , thoughts and expressions with one and all.