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Silver Jubilee Celebrations…….Glorious 25 years and beyond……

Celebration of life
Celebration of victory over challenges
Celebration of watching things taking shape all these years.

With grateful heart, immense faith and boundless joys, Notre Dame family, B.T.P.S., celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 29th of November 2015, in the Millennium ground of N.T.P.C.

The School was honoured to have Shri Umesh Prasad Pani, the director, HR and Commercial, N.T.P.C. as the Chief guest. Rev.Sr.Mary Beena , the Provincial Superior of the Sisters of Notre Dame was present as Guest of Honour. Sister is a person of great vision and acumen. Mrs.Geeta Pani had greatly gladdened us as being a guest of honour. She is an Odissi dancer of international renown and is intimately involved in the welfare activities in the different campuses of N.T.P.C. Amongst the various dignitaries, officers from N.T.P.C and all the previous principals of the institution – Sr.Mary Ranjitha, Sr.Mary Beena and Sr.Mary Hema were present for this mega function.

The programme started with the ceremonial lightening of the lamp accompanied by bhajan sung by students. A cultural banquet was served to the audience. the choir sang Jubilee song, Hymns to Mother Mary and….classical and contemporary dance styles could be envisioned in “Chotti si asha”, the “Ripples of celebration”, “Gurus of peace”, “Panchabhootam” and ” Asatoma satgamaya”. A grand musical “Beacons of goodness” tracing the birth , growth and the charism of the Congregation of the sisters of Notre Dame was presented in a spiritual fervour. The power point presentation formed the background of the program enriching and making it more enticing.

The Chief Guest Mr.U.P.Pani and Provincial Superior of Notre Dame, Sr.Mary Beena thanked the Notre Dame fraternity for the magical touch they had provided to the august gathering.

Eleven Jubilarians- seven teachers, two office staff members and two supporting staff members were awarded mementos for their committed service during the past 25 glorious years.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Principal Sr.Mary Alice. She thanked one and all for being a part of Notre Dame family. She urged all to be committed global citizens to preserve our mother earth with tender love and to practice universal brotherhood.

The Grand Finale was Asathoma Sat Gamaya, a dance drama depicting the victory of the wise over the wicked in the perennial war within and without amidst the unique virtues of our motherland. In the end, everyone stood up for the National Anthem. The crowd dispersed with happiness in their hearts, smiles on their faces and with vision and mission for future.