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Fancy Dress for the Tiny Tots

On the 17th of October, Notre Dame campus looked bright and beautiful with the little ones dressed up in different attires. they were depicting different professions, personalities and gadgets in use. Some even tried to educate the audience on topics like dengue, use of internet and whatsapp. Most of the kids appeared very confident and delivered their lines with great intonation and modulation of voice. Some of them spotted their parents and waved to them.

The young parents as audience were mesmerised by the performance of their offsprings. Headmistress Sr.Mary Reena thanked the judges, teachers and parents for their love and support. All present were transported into a fairy land where times stood still beaming at the wonderful inhabitants all around……Ravana, Miss Notre Dame, LED bulb, Apple, Dengue Mosquito, Peacock, colgate, fairy, joker, political leaders, Krishna, Baba Ramdev, Tree, Fruits etc……..

The prize winners are as follows

Pre-Primary A

1st – Shreyansh, 2nd – Somya Negi, 3rd – Sarthak

Pre-Primary B

1st – Arnav Singh, 2nd – Swastika Tyagi, 3rd – Ananya Sharma

Pre-Primary C

1st – Shreya Khatri, 2nd – Karuna Khalko, 3rd – Sneha Sikhdel

Pre-School A

1st – Loveyansh, 2nd – Sampoorna Das, 3rd, S.Monica

Pre-School B

1st – Ayush Sharma, 2nd – Aditya Gupta, 3rd – Ridhi Aggarwal

Pre-School C

1st – Deekha, 2nd – Aabha, 3rd – Apoorva Singh