Monthly Archives: May 2015

Talk on Thalassemia

Tuesday 5th May, the students of Class XI and XII attended a seminar on Thalassemia which is a deadly genetic blood disorder. The talk was conducted by Rtn.Tejinder Singh, Rotary Club of Delhi, Safdurjung. It surely is said that “a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. And the first step has surely been taken. A ten minutes docu-drama ‘Kaash’was screened and an interactive session followed. The head girl Joslia thanked the Principal and the Rotary Club as the students felt that they were now much more aware on this topic.

The Labour Day Celebrated

A special assembly along with a cultural programme was hoisted for the maintenance staff on the 1st of May in the Notre Dame premises.

The programme was initiated by the auspicious lighting of the lamp followed by a prayer dance by Diya Jose of Std.VII B. Words of gratitude and gifting of cards were followed by prep dance – ‘Chuck Dhoom Dhoom’ and a classical dance by middle school.

The choir send vibrations of music in the air.

Principal Sr.Mary Alice thanked the maintenance staff for their sincerity.

Amar Bhaiya gave a heartfelt speech thanking one and all for the programme. Lalloo Bhaiya distributed ‘munch’ to the children making them all happy.