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‘Thoughtonics’ ( A seminar for students of Std. XI A and XII A)

On 30th of April, 2015 a seminar on ‘Thoughtonics’ was conducted for students of Std. XI A and XII A by Professor D.D.Sharma.


According to Prof.D.D.Sharma the statement ‘Laws of Physics’ should be changed to ‘Laws of nature’. He believes that faster than light is ‘Thought’. The basis of Thoughtonics were
(i) Mass energy
(ii) Space Time
(iii) Laws of nature
(iv) Thought

He urged the students to think more rationally for he said that Newtonian matured in two centuries and passed the baton to Einsteinian. The right time is ‘NOW’ for the Einsteinian to pass the baton – but what is that which will hold the next baton?

A task for the present students and future scientists to probe into!

Fire Safety Awareness Training

On 16th of April 2015, fire safety awareness training was given to the students of Notre Dame by the C.I.S.F. Officers of N.T.P.C., Badarpur. They enlightened the students with many facts regarding fire and how to manage it in times of disaster and emergency.

The students were educated on LPG cylinder used at home and the points to be kept in mind because we all know “Fire is a good friend but a bad master”, hence needs to be kept under control.


On 9th of April 2015, many students were awarded for being industrious in various fields. There were awards for ‘BEST CITIZEN’, ‘BEST SCHOLAR’, ‘DISTINCTION’, ‘PERFECT ATTENDANCE’ etc.

The most coveted awards were bagged by the following students.


Seminar for Teachers

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”                             - Albert Einstein 

On the 6th of April 2015, the new academic session started at Notre Dame with a seminar for the teachers. Sr.Mary Reena (Head Mistress) led everyone present into prayer and later made all aware regarding the expectation of students and parents.

Principal Sr.Mary Alice proclaimed that every academic year  begins with expectation and great zest both for the teachers as well as students. We should make concerted effort to keep it up throughout the year. She also asked the faculty to make a code of conduct for the students and a parallel one for the teachers too. While translating policies into action, the teachers ought to practice what they preach and be apt ‘ROLE MODELS’!