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CCE Life Skills – brushing up for betterment!

19 July, 2014 was a step taken ahead towards brushing up our life skills under the able guidance of Mrs. Kusum Gupta. An adept in the field. She made clear to the staff the Co-Scholastic aspect of CCE life skills, values and attitude through the use of questionnaire, dramatization and discussion. The teachers very actively participated and thanked Sr.Mary Alice for the Seminar as it enhanced their life skills which they would now be able to put into use more effectively.

Yet another milestone @ Alumni Meet


12 July, 2014 was a very auspicious day as it was the birthday of St.Julie Billiart, the foundress of Notre Dame Schools and also the first Official Alumni meet as the school is heading towards Silver Jubilee.The august gathering was welcomed by Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma followed by the lighting of the holy lamp. Sr. Mary Reena and Sr. Mary Nisha led all present into prayers.A power point presentation was prepared by Mr.Winston and Mr. Surender showcasing the journey of Notre Dame School since its inception.The alumni shared their yesteryears experience with lots of nostalgia. Cameras flashed every now and then as smiles, surprises and emotions were being fondly captured.

Election was then in the air. A working committee was formed under the guidance of Mr.Devasia.

1. President – SHEENU BHARTI
2. Vice-President – PRAKASH KUMAR
3. Secretary – KANCHAN MANGLA
4. Joint Secretary – VIJAY GUPTA

Vote of Thanks was proposed by Mrs. Nirupama Singh Solanki.

The evening stood witness to the culmination of past with the present walking hand-in-hand towards ……….. F_U_T_U_R_E.