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Student Council Induction Ceremony

On 26th of July, 2017, the Student Council for the academic year 2017-18 was inducted. The function started with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal and the newly elected officers.

Sr. Mary Alice administered oath to the members of the student council. Sr.Mary Shaija, the School Manager honoured the students with the prestigious badges. All were accompanied by the martial beats of the drum and songs by the choir.

The Head girl and the Head boy thanked the students for reposing trust in them and asked for their support and co-operation throughout the academic year. The programme concluded with the school song……….. refreshments for all followed!

Student Council members

Head Boy : Aaron Justine – XI A
Head Girl : Eshita – XI A
Sports Captain : Abhishek Sharma – XI A
Vice Sports Captain : Anosh Polachan – XI A
Secretary : Aastha Sharma – XI A
Joint Secretary : Sushree Barik – XI B
Cultural Secretary : Sakshi Singh – XI A

Executive Members : Tushar Bansal – XI B and Elson James – XI B

Gandhi House Captain : Vishal – XI A
Vice Captain : Yash Aggarwal – X A

Sarojini House Captain : Anirban Dutta – XI A
Vice Captain : Sandra Simon – X A

Tagore House Captain : Ankit Bhatt – XI A
Vice Captain : Bhavya Tyagi – X A

Vivekanand House Captain : Neha Joseph – XI B
Vice Captain : Rohit Prasad – X C

Labour’s Day

“We have not inherited the earth from our forefathers but we have borrowed it from our children”
-Lester .R. Brown.

The actual good care of mother earth is taken by the labourers hence keeping in mind – Dignity of labour and respect for the labourers, Notre Dame students felicitated them on 1st of May, 2017.

The student council prepared a wonderful assembly which was followed by a medley by students of Std.IX. The helpers were gifted cards, flowers and cash with lots of love. Our Principal Sr. Mary Alice thanked them with folded hands and let them know, how very indispensable they are to the institute. She blessed each one of them!

Fire Safety Week

April 17, 2017.

The C.I.S.F. unit of B.T.P.S. was here today to educate children on fire safety as we all know that fire is a good slave but a bad master.

They made aware the students of the different types of fire A,B,C,D and how to control each.

An essay competition for Std.IX-XII was conducted and a drawing competition for Std. IV-VIII on fire safety. Last but not the least there was a quiz for teachers too!

Adieu Dear Hyris Ma’am

On the 10th of February, with heavy hearts the staff and students bid goodbye to their beloved Hyris ma’am.

An elaborate programme was organized for her. A special prayer service was conducted by the students starting with the auspicious lighting of the lamp accompanied with songs sung by the choir.

A cultural programme followed which had a correct blend of dance, skit, drama etc…. Bouquets, gifts and cards were offered with lots of love and regard for the long twenty-seven years of dedicated and committed service here at Notre Dame School.

A token of love in the form of a ‘memento’ was gifted to ma’am by Sr.Mary Nisha.

Hyris ma’am thanked and blessed all the teachers and students for the wonderful programme and gave good wishes to one and all.

Principal Sr.Mary Alice blessed Hyris ma’am and her family. She confessed that the school could run without the Principal for a month or so but not a day without Hyris ma’am …………. Ma’am you have been really indispensable to all of us……. God knows how we will do without you……….May God bless you.


Everyday is a fresh start, wake up with a grateful heart – Ken Butler

On the 28th of Jan 2017 the Std.XII students were given a farewell by Std.Ii and the staff members. It was a magical moment to witness the riot of colours in the hall. All girls as lovely ladies and the boys as handsome gentlemen, ready to take the world in their stride.

An entertainment programme was the call of the day with lunch together. The flashes of camera clicked, the tinkling of laughter, the sound of music to be followed by DJ and dance filled the hearts with love and warmth felt by one and all.

Principal Sr.Mary Alice assured the students of her prayers and she told them to cultivate the habit of setting clear defined written goals as they are the road-maps that would guide them to their destination.

She gave certificate of honour to each student and the coveted titles of Miss Notre Dame and Mr. Notre Dame were bagged by ALEESHA ANTO and JUSTIN A MATHEW respectively.
Congratulations and all the best dear students!

Notre Dame Annual Sports Day – 2016

I never lose, I either win or I learn……

On the 25th November 2016, Notre Dame students displayed their sportsmanship-spirit in the Millennium ground.

The chief guest for the occasion was honourable Group General Manager N.T.P.C. – Mr.Neeraj Kumar Sinha and the Guest of Honour for the day was Mrs. Nupur Sinha.

Over 2000 students exhibited their skills on the occasion. There were relays, drills and many competitions all in unison and well synchronised with music or band-beats.

Three memorial trophies were introduced this year in the loving memory of Florence ma’am and Nirmala ma’am’s family members who left for heavenly abode.

The overall championship trophy was proudly bagged by the ‘Sarojini’ house.

Sr.Mary Alice gave the vote of thanks and emphasised on the theme of patriotism. In the end, with great pride and fervour, the National Anthem was sung by all present.

Principal’s Day Celebration

On 28th Of October, Notre Dame campus looked awesome with children moving in costume, the Principal’s office decorated, ribbons and balloons in the corridor and the stage adorned with a lamp to be lit.

Principal Sister Mary Alice and Headmistress Sister Mary Manju were honoured with a special prayer service by the student council members, an array of programmme followed skits, dances, speeches and a play. The children performed with adoration and love. Gifts. cards and bouquets were given to the sisters with reverence.

A special party was arranged by the teachers where they thanked them for being very instrumental in bringing love, peace and prosperity in the lives of one and all!

Pink Day ( Resource person – Dr.Manisha Pandey)

On 21st of October 2016, the girl students of standard XI and XII were privileged to attend the talk given by Dr.Manisha Pandey on the understanding of Breast Cancer. It was an awareness talk where she helped the students to be able to detect it early and go on the right path of treatment if ever needed.

With the help of the power point presentation she educated them with the causes, remedies and course of treatment. She taught the students the means of Mammography and concluded by saying “Gift yourself a mammogram.” Surely doctor – prevention is better than cure!

Seminar on Acupressure by Dr.Sangeeta Burman

On the 24th of September 2016, Dr.Sangeeta Burman came as a blessing to the teacher’s of Notre Dame, New Delhi, who where busy with corrections and thus, experiencing pain in different parts of their body.

Dr.Sangeeta Burman explained to the teachers the self treatment techniques through acupressure which is very useful and inexpensive method of cure. To the amusement of one and all she mentioned that even an elephant can be controlled by applying a little pressure behind its’s ears! She elaborated on magnet therapy and colour therapy on selected acupressure points.

This awareness program came as a boon to the teachers. Thank you Dr.Sangeeta Burman.

ND Gurus Honoured

“Education is a universal right and not a class privilege” – Dr. Radhakrishnan

Teachers are the ones who transform uninitiated, innocent individuals in to great performers and achievers. It is they who expand heir universe of affection and love far beyond their duties and responsibilities of an institution. They are not merely instructors but are also role models, trusted friends and even confidantes of their students, hence, on 5th of September 2016 red carpet was rolled out in the Notre Dame campus to honour the “Gurus”.

The program started with a prayer service followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp, which was very symbolic.

A cultural program followed and teachers were entertained with live dance, skits and music performances. The gesture of the students was highly appreciated by the teachers.

It was a matter of great honour for the teachers to be appreciated by our respected general manager of N.T.P.C., Mr.N.K. Sinha who in person met the staff and thanked them for their service towards the society and country.

Principal, Sister Mary Alice had organised the entire program very well for the teachers. She too thanked the teachers for their dedication and commitment. A sumptuous lunch……cards……bouquets…….gifts…..followed…..