Workers Day Celebrated

“When you are good to others you are good to yourself” – Benjamin Franklin

On the 1st of May the students of Notre dame School, with heart full of love and gratitude conducted a special assembly in honour of the workers. Prayers, songs and dances were staged by the students. An honour certificate signed by the Principal was gifted to each of the workers.


On behalf of all the workers a very impressive ‘Thank you speech’ was given by Amar Bhaiya who emphasised on the need of cleanliness and hard work to be followed by students.

Principal, Sister Mary Alice felicitated the efforts put in by the workers for the smooth running of the institution. She urged the students to follow the request made by Amar Bhaiya. She blessed the workers and their family members.

In the end the entire school stood up to sing the National Anthem in unison.

Fire-Safety Week


On 18th of April, Notre Dame students were educated on – “FIRE SAFE HOME”. The C.I.S.F. team from N.T.P.C., demonstrated the ways and mean of fire safety. They illustrated the ways in which the different kinds of fire – A,B,C,and D could be tackled.

Students found specially the information on LPG cylinder very useful. The team also displayed fire escape plan, garage safety, electrical safety, water safety etc. Sr. Mary Alice (Principal) thanked the team for giving life saving information. Hence we can conclude – FIRE SAFETY : ACCIDENTS GONE!

The “REFRESH” Button – A Seminar for Teachers

Tradition means passing on the flame, not worshipping the ashes.
– Gustav Mahler

On 27th of February 2018, Sr.Mary Alice (Principal) conducted a Seminar for the teachers to refresh and rejuvenate them for the new academic session (2018-19).

She thanked the Lord for the past year and asked for his blessings in years to unfold.

A very well prepared power point presentation by her showcased the History of Notre Dame Schools all over the world. She highlighted the aims and objectives of Notre Dame Education – that is to train young people to have faith in God, sense of community, conscientisation towards justice and equality and academic values for better living.

She as a facilitator urged the staff to abide by and adhere to the following points as all embark towards the new session.

* Leading people to a God centered selfless life
* Helping students to develop God’s special gifts to thm as human beings.
* Assisting people to acquire the human competencies needed to live a meaningful and fruitful life in this world.
* Devoting themselves to ALL their students with genuine love and respect.
* Nurturing a spirit of caring for the Earth.

The above was a gentle reminder of responsibilities of every Notre Dame Teacher, which the staff very earnestly agreed to focus and work upon!

Drawing Competition

“Catch ‘em young” is a very popular saying…….. So N.T.P.C., in order to make young children aware, organised a drawing competition on 31st January 2018. The theme was “Save the Environment / Pollution”. Children showcased their concern , fear and plans through their art. Congratulations to the winners.

Group I – Class VIII & IX

1st – Anushka Singh IX B
2nd – Debolina Das VIII C
3rd – Bhawna Singh VIII A
4rth- Reshma Rajagopal VIII C
5th – Akshara – IX B

Group II – Class XI
1st – Sakshi Singh XI A
2nd – Namrata Mishra XI A
3rd – Ruchi Kumar XI B
4rth- Megnaa XI B

Farewell to Students of St.XII

On January 20, 2018 the students of Std.XII were given farewell by the School. Students of class XI presented a colourful programme of skit, songs and dances in honour of their seniors. The Staff led by the Principal blessed the students for their bright future.

The coveted awards were bagged by the following students.

Graduation Ceremony

On the 23rd of December 2017, St.Julie’s hall witnessed the graduation of Std.XII students. It was a very prayerful and solemn ceremony. The program began by invoking God’s blessing on the batch and all around. The choir sang melodious songs. Students shared their nostalgic moments and gratitude. Parents and teachers blessed the students who assured them of good results and good characters to be adorned in years to unfold. Sr.Mary Alice (Principal) urged the students to be Global Citizens. She quoted lines from Jalaluddin Rumi to motivate and inspire studies. She very humbly thanked the parents, teachers and the non-teaching staff for all the support. She lovingly blessed the students and presented a beautiful Souvenir (token of love) to each. A small get together followed.

Seminar for Teachers and Parents

On 16th December, 2017, Rev.Fr.Varghese Alengadan from Indore (M.P.) conducted a seminar for the teachers of Notre Dame and on 17th for the parents with the aid of the movie ‘IQBAL’ he expounded on the various aspects of mentoring. He urged the teachers to update and upgrade themselves, to go an extra mile for the welfare of the taught. It was a great help for the teachers to be directed by him on being a good teacher for we all know that children must be taught how to think, NOT what to think!


Notre Dame Badarpur celebrated its Annual Day on 26 November 2017 in the school premises. The programme was woven around the theme ’Cultural Heritage of India’ a glimpse of the cultural flamboyance of our motherland.
The program commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Honorable Chief Guest Shri Chandan Chakaraborty, General Manager BTPS, Mrs Sutapa Chakraborty, Honorable Guest of Honor, escorted by other dignitaries and the Principal
Sr. Mary Alice.
A vibrant colourful flora and fauna dance by the tiny tots had the audience enthralled moving in unison to the foot tapping rhythm.
Festivals are the indicators of the greatness of a culture. The students of classes 8 and 9 weaved on the stage a web of dreams portraying the festivals of India.
Next the ebullient students bedazzled the audience with the glimpses of some great personalities who radiated joy and hope to everyone in society with their creative expressions. A miniature dance drama painting the courage, determination and the faith of a tender aged girl, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, was showcased by the students across different grades.
This was followed by a satirical Hindi play with the much talked about theme ‘Swatcchta’. The play with excellent and perfectly arranged props and stage settings captured the attention of everyone present
Later, the Honorable Chief Guest enlightened the parents and the students with his kind words. Respected Principal, Sr. Mary Alice proposed the vote of thanks and acknowledged the efforts of the students and thanked the esteemed guests for their presence. The success and triumph of the spectacular show was made possible by the relentless effort of the teachers. Nearly 1200 students participated whole heartedly towards the success of the grand event which was really amazing. Finally the programme culminated with the Grant Finale depicting the fact that we Indians in myriad manners walk in unison beyond the horizon. The school choir with their mellifluous wonder was a treat to the audience who were enthralled throughout the evening until the rendering of the National Anthem.

Teachers’ Day

The students celebrated their most awaited Teachers’ day on the 5th of September. The teachers were welcomed with a great applaud by students. The program consisted of dances, skits and musical band. With each performance the joy increased. The program ended with a special musical band for the dear teachers and a lovely lunch awaited them!

Silver Jubilee Celebration of Mr.T.K. Devasia and Mrs. Nirupama Solanki

It was really a landmark event in Notre Dame School, Badarpur when the morning sun became the harbingers of happiness and glee when the Principal, Staff and students witnessed the grand Silver Jubilee celebration of two teachers, Sir Devasia and Nirupama ma’am. The program began with a festive fervour. It was really an exotic moment when two Jubilarians were welcomed along with the Principal and the other sisters of Notre Dame School.

The celebration started on a prayerful note invoking God’s blessing on all present for the occasion by lighting the lamp. A cultural programme was staged in their honour. Speeches, songs, colourful dances captivated the audience. The Jubilarians Sir Devasia and Madam Nirupama , were felicitated with flowers, bouquets and gifts from the teachers and the students as a token of love and gratitude for 25 years of dedicated and loving service rendered in Notre Dame. Family members of our distinguished guests were present for the celebration. The program was followed by lunch.